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Tomás Carruthers

He works at The Social Stock Exchange
He tweets from @SocialStockExch

Tomás Carruthers: Social Financier

The collapse of the global financial system inspired Tomás to find a way of bringing impact investing into the mainstream. Tomás grew up in Northumberland where the local Stock Exchange, his father's place of work was a very familar sight. As London grew to become the financal epicentre investment transparency decreased alongwith stakeholder responsibility. Regional Stock Exchanges eventually died in the 70's.

Today Tomás is Chief Executive Officer of the Social Stock Exchange (SSX) and committed to delivering great returns for investors whilst increasing stakeholder accountability of business impact. After two successful decades building and growing retail financial services companies - including ESI, which became E*Trade UK and Interactive Investor International plc - Tomás believes this innovative regional approach to finance provides the answer for our future. The first regional social stock exchange will be be open for business in Liverpool in June 2016.