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Steve Clayton

He works at Microsoft
He tweets from @stevecla

Steve Clayton: Chief Storyteller

Steve’s personal journey takes him from Merseyside to Microsoft, Seattle. He rose to international fame when he became the very first person to conduct a public interview with the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He is now Chief Storyteller at Microsoft and General Manager of Microsoft’s Image & Culture team.

The team is responsible for Microsoft’s company storytelling both internally and externally with a mission to change the perception of Microsoft through stories. Steve was the architect of the acclaimed “88 Acres” story that heralded a new direction for Microsoft’s corporate storytelling and led to the creation of microsoft.com/stories

Prior to this, Steve was Director of Cloud Strategy in Microsoft International and CTO of Microsoft’s UK Partner Group. He has worked at Microsoft for over 18 years in a range of sales and technical roles - always with a passion for technology and its potential impact on the world. Steve has been awarded the coveted Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award three times during his career.

Outside of work he’s a fan of Liverpool Football Club.