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Dr René Tristan Lydiksen

He works at Lego
He tweets from @LegoEducationUK

Dr René Tristan Lydiksen: Play Crusader

René is the Managing Director of LEGO® Education Europe and the consummate purpose driven leader. He is guided by the vision that many of the 50 million children that LEGO have reached through playful learning since 2010 will become thinkers, entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders who will make this world an even better place for future generations.

René, a gifted violinist from the age of five and with a passion for sailing having competed in European and World Championships, was a high school dropout who rediscovered his academic path later on in life. He went on to major in sociology, gain an MBA in the UK and a Ph.D. sponsored by Danish Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation. Today René chairs a number of global entrepreneurial forums, including the British Parliament, World Innovation Forum Berlin, BBC, StemTech London and GOOGLE Science Fair. “