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Nigel Ward

He works at Northern Schools Trust

Industrialist Turned Educator

Nigel Ward: Social Educationalist

Nigel is the Founder and Chairman of the Northern Schools Trust. In September 2013, the trust opened two new schools in Liverpool in the Contemporary Urban Centre, a Life Sciences UTC focused on science and healthcare and a Studio School, focused on gaming and digital technologies. The schools are supported by a large number of partners, including the University of Liverpool, Royal Liverpool NHS Trust, and 2Bio. They aim to re-shape the provision of vocational education and resultant career pathways for young people in the North-West.

Prior to this Nigel created The North Liverpool Academy Trust, a charitable organisation, to bring world class educational establishments to areas of economic or social deprivation.

Nigel’s day job for the the last twenty years has been running international educational publishing companies. Alongside running the Trust, Nigel comments on educational policy and advises both banks and venture capital firms on investing in the educational sector.