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Graham Hughes

He works at The Odyssey Expedition
He tweets from @everycountry

Life on a Deserted Island

Graham Hughes: Owner of Jinja Island

On New Years Day 2009 the now double world record holder, Graham Hughes, set off on an epic journey from his hometown of Liverpool. He wanted to show that the world is ‘not some big, scary place, but in fact full of people who wanted to help you.’ He used buses, taxis, trains and his own two feet to travel 160,000 miles, 201 countries in exactly 1,426 days - all on a shoestring of just $100 a week. Graham finally trudged into Juba, the capital of South Sudan to end his odyssey in November 2012. His lowest point was when his sister, Nicole, died of cancer part-way through his journey. Fingers crossed Graham will join us via technology from his new home, his very own uninhabited island somewhere off the coast of Panama.