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Dr Paul Myers

He works at Farm Urban
He tweets from @Farm_Urban

Dr Paul Myers: Urban Farmer

Paul's Doctorate at the University of Liverpool had a particular interest in genetic research called “epigenetics.” He discovered that the choices we make over the course of our lifetime can actually alter the way some of our genes are expressed. With simple, transformational practices we can enhance our health and vitality. His message is clear and powerful and will change the way you look at food and your environment.

Paul’s research clearly pointed to the damaging effects of enviromental conditions on our health. Empowered by this knowledge Paul felt compelled to establish eco start­up Farm Urban, a research lead community focused social enterprise. Farm Urban uses aquaponics and hydroponics food production systems to engage and inspire people to connect with their environment, explore their relationship with food, and empower them to make positive and informed choices. Paul’s time is currently split between Farm Urban and his academic research at the University of Liverpool.”