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Catherine Burns David Hagan

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Five Years on the Road

Catherine Burns David Hagan

Catherine Burns and David Hagan are a pair of long-term travellers from Liverpool recently returned to start life again in their native city. Catherine and David left on the day Liverpool One opened, although that was a coincidence not a protest. What they were really leaving behind was the world of office jobs in favour of following a dream around the world. In the five and a half years that followed they focused on exploring extremes of nature and culture, living in the Borneo jungle with orang-utans, nearly killing a Burmese MP in a world’s hottest chilli competition and spending Christmas with a tribe of opium-smoking head-hunting Robbie Williams fans. During their trip they also tested the limits of the kindness of strangers, “couchsurfing” on over 100 occasions, in settings ranging from mud huts to mini-palaces. Returning home they hitch-hiked from Iraq to Paris and the final leg of their journey was a ride on the Mersey ferry just before Christmas 2013, exactly five and a half years after leaving Lime St. Currently readjusting to life at home they are planning their wedding this summer and trying to think of a way to top the half-decade pre-wedding honeymoon.